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hee hee….I love that song (Garth Brooks, lol) ANYway, LOL….the collab is ALMOST finished!! Today is the last day of the color kits, and either late tomorrow night (Thursday) or early Friday I will have the bonus kit, the fairytale section up and ready for you! So….without further ado, here’s the red kit for you!


Download it HERE!

And don’t forget to head over to Jennifer’s BLOG for her red kit!

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So here is your YELLOW! lol….


Download it HERE!

And you know the drill! Head over to Jennifer’s BLOG to get her mellow yellow kit!

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And we keep on going and going! LOL, today’s portion is the blue collection.


Click HERE to download!

And head over to Jennifer’s BLOG so she won’t feel BLUE….ha ha ha….ok, ok, lame joke, lol, but really, go. Download her part too!

**Note…I jumped the gun and accidentally published this instead of setting the timer to pre-publish. Jenn lives in Italy, so her blog will be available at about 3:00 am EDT.

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It’s time for some GREEN! I have to admit, that green is one of my two favorite colors, so I was excited to do this kit. Enjoy!


Click HERE to download, and then don’t forget to head over to Jennifer’s BLOG to download her fab green kit!

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Here is part 2 of A Rainbow of Fairytales! I’m having a BLAST creating these mini kits for you. When we are all done, this is going to be a HUGE collaboration type kit from Jennifer and myself. AND, just because we’re so excited, we’ve decided to pick up the pace, and will be releasing these DAILY instead of every other day!  So…here you go…A Rainbow of Fairytales–Orange!


Download it HERE!

And…I have seen a sneak peek of Jennifer’s portion, so head on over to her BLOG and download it too!

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Here it is! My very first mini kit! It’s the start of a fabulous Mega kit that I’m creating with my friend Jennifer. There will be six colored kits, and at the end, an add-on kit with the awesome fairytale part of the kit. Today’s release is the purple portion of the kit, and don’t forget to come back in a day or two for the next portion. After you’ve downloaded my part of the kit, head on over to Jennifer’s Blog to download her portion!

Here’s today’s download…A Rainbow of Fairytales part 1…


Download it HERE!

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Thank you for coming by! This is a whole new blog for me. Earlier today, in talking with a very good friend of mine, about my dreams of digiscrap designing, she totally inspired me and Rainbow Sky Designs was born. This is a very exciting thing for me, as it’s the beginning of the realization of a dream that I’ve had for the past year or so. There are going to be some very neat (I hope) things coming up on this blog. As I take my first steps into designing, I’ll be sharing my kits and freebies here for you to grab if you want them, LOL.

So what excitement is in store for you, you ask? Well, first up, my friend Jennifer and I are working on a design project together. Starting tomorrow, we will be posting a portion of this kit every other day or so. If you download all twelve mini-kits from my blog and Jen’s, you’ll end up with a FABULOUS mega kit titled “A Rainbow of Fairytales.” And, just to give you a bit of a tease….here are the colors:

A Rainbow of Fairytales colors

So…come back and see me tomorrow for the first part of this fun kit! You won’t regret it, I promise!

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